14 Entrepreneurial Skills that are a Must in 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The year 2020 has not failed to surprise us and it has been a tough year for many. Worry not! Let us look at a few useful skills that would benefit you, ambitious entrepreneurs.

To be very honest being an Entrepreneur isn’t easy. As time is changing all great

entrepreneurs are changing their ways to do business to flow rather than drown.

Entrepreneurial skills also help to lead a good life, apart from business. “We don’t get what we want, we get what we deserve”. To become the one who deserves riches, we have to elevate ourselves by becoming valuable.

To become hit at Entrepreneurial abilities in 2020 these skills are a must –

1. Self-Awareness – Single most important skill in business as well as in life is being self-

aware. The one who knows its character and interests, exactly knows what they want

out of their lives. Like most new entrepreneurs struggle with where to start or do business? But those who are of themselves know which topic is closest to their being and they build a business around it. Become successful very easily.

2. Ability to read others - Now most people will think that I am going to talk about some eminent psychological content. But to know others you need a skill called listening.

Might sound simple but I can guarantee that 99% of people suck at it. Pick up any great entrepreneur or salesperson you know; ll find him/her talking about how the art of listening has changed their life.

3. Ability to manage capital - Good money management is one of the earliest signs of

success. Money management is crucial for entrepreneur oral skills. If you know how to save and invest money wisely, certainly you will become rich. Do not think twice before investing money on something related to your growth and I used the term ‘investing’ not ‘spending’ for a reason. Why?? I leave it on you.

4. Leadership - Group without a leader means a group without a goal. A leader is someone who performs a set of actions towards a worthy goal for his people. Leadership means being an inspiration for your team and being a reason for their drive.An ordinary leader gives advice and a good one sets an example.

5. Sales - He should be very persuasive not only in terms of his products or services but

also his ideas. It is a well-known fact that Entrepreneurship is all about sales. You can have best selling products or services thereon market but it always doesn’t sell until and unless people analyse and realize it's worth it.To present it wisely in a way with a hook blended with trust and empathy sales can be increased many folds. do enroll yourself in my Mastering Copywriting course if you wanna learn in-depth about making sales through written words.

6. Personal Branding - Personal branding is showing yourself up in the market

particularly in your industry. By creating and influencing public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility and differentiating themselves from the competition. To get a specific audience and a following to raise awareness of their brand. Personal branding is done through multiple channels like social media, websites, public meetings, collaborations, etc.

7. Digital Marketing - Due to the exceptional rise in the adoption of electronic devices

and ridiculous low internet rates, a huge population is on the internet.

Sighting this opportunity every business is becoming digital, a lot of ‘e’ terms are coming in front of us like eLearning, eCommerce, eBusiness, etc. Plus the COVID-19 has made people stay at home and increased their screen time even more. The scope of digital marketing will be $160 million by 2025 in India only, according to Goldman Sachs.

8. Communication Skills - I don’t even need to flaunt about how profound a man is,

who is a good communicator in all walks of his life? Communication is a core Entrepreneurial skill. Whether you need to convince the investors for your revolutionary ideas, persuade customers to buy your products or services, or entice a top candidate to work for you, communication skills are vital to success in a several ways. It’s always a good idea to invest and take a valuable course to learn it. I have created a Communication Masterclass to help you become someone no one wants to reject.

9. Market Research - Market Research should be your second nature if you wanna earn

a name in Entrepreneurship. You have to follow all the trends and become one with them. Trends breathe life into dead content. People love trends such as famous memes and gossip or any recent event. You can create content around it and enjoy the unlimited engagement. You need to be a bit witty and wise.

10. Value-Driven - Like in sports we say sportsmen spirit the same goes in business.

When you open a business intending to solve problems rather than making a hell lot of money you are bound to succeed. There are thousands of examples of people who were money-driven and failed badly and those who were value-driven kept on pushing even after failing because they knew they were serving the greater good. Elon Musk is the fittest example in the category of those who are value-driven.

11. Handling failures - If you want to become an entrepreneur, start taking failure in

breakfast. Entrepreneurial lessons come as a failure. Getting demotivated is not an option, rather find a reason to get back on the track. Don't take decisions emotionally. Re-evaluate your situation and make more meaning out of it. Most importantly, take responsibility for the failure and learn from the opportunity. Blaming others would only fool you.

12. Handling stress - Entrepreneurship is, no doubt, stressful which causes mental

breakdown, quarrels, and sleeplessness. Being aware of yourself and paying attention to your body is needed. Question yourself and find the reason for stress and try to take away from it, take a break, inculcate healthy habits, maintain work/life balance, and spend some time with friends and family. Before figuring out your company, figure out your-self.

13. Honesty and Empathy - Your customers build your brand. Always be fair and honest

with them With so many alternates in the market what makes your audience opt for you is a good relationship. Honesty helps you in that. Empathy helps define the problem. Empathising your audience will make them connect better with you.Honesty and empathy is what adds to your brand value and makes your spot near in the market.

14. Have a Win-Win attitude - You, as an entrepreneur, can only grow when your customer is growing. Always strive to add value to your customers’ life, only sell them what you would purchase. DO NOT make them feel fooled or cheated. Your Win-Win attitude will be mutually beneficial. They will get a solution and you will get accepted.

Being a successful entrepreneur needs consistent dedication and hard work. Remember. You wont succeed immediately. It takes time. Patience is the key to everything. Just keep it together and keep grinding and honing your entrepreneurial skills and I promise you'll achieve your goals soon!

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