Hacks to Get More Affiliate Sales in 2020.

Let us talk a little bit about affiliate marketing.

What is it?

It is when you're trying to sell someone else's product. It's all about knowing the right customer segment and putting their product out. Affiliate marketing doesn’t need initial capital investment. It's all about promoting and selling third party products and making money out of it.

Let us talk about some tips that would help with affiliate marketing.

1- Sending WhatsApp broadcast messages is an effective way. Make sure your messages aren’t generic. Be mindful of what you send through. Find out ways to attract consumers. It should not look pushy. The objective is to get a reply, not to sell directly. Have detailed conversations with persons you're communicating with.

Affiliate marketing is one way where you can test your skills in the water and you get an idea as to how well you perform.

Keep a target of how much money you aim to make a month down the line. Aim realistically. Plan efficiently.

2- Stories on Instagram - Instagram is a huge platform that reaches out to a lot of people. Come up with effective and efficient writing techniques that would attract consumers. You are then likely to get a high level of engagement from the public. Remember, nothing is easy. It's a little difficult but keep pushing.

3- LinkedIn - Target specific people and connect to them. LinkedIn would help you find good and relevant contacts that you can personally reach out to and give a detailed idea as to what you are doing.

4- YouTube - When you put up a video, people will comment on your post. Those who comment are likely to be interested. Interact with them and make them reach out to you. This is one way where you can attract people without investing any capital.

5- Find social media Influencers - Turn on the post notifications on their Instagram page and when they post a picture, connect with those people. Moreover, people who comment on their posts are also likely to be your target audience. Build a conversation with them.

6- Purchase the product you are marketing - Don't sell it without actual, personal experience. You need to believe in your product. If you don't, you're just a conman. Don't be one of them. Give your consumers detailed insights about the product or service. Be honest and practical and don't be biased. Build your expertise around the product you are selling and give appropriate tips.

Nobody likes to be sold but everybody likes buying. You need to make sure that when you're pushing a product, 80% should be value providing and 20% should have the persuasive aspect. You have to be regular and disciplined.

Bonuses play an important role as well. Whenever you do affiliate marketing you should provide personalized expertise. You're building your own audience and your own personal brand as well. The main objective here is to connect with more people and make money through commissions. You need to give bonuses, they could be one on one conversations, free e-books, webinars, and so on. Basically, things that would help potential consumers engage with you.

So make sure you keep all these points in your mind when you're doing affiliate marketing. You will be able to organically get sales and improve your skills and this would benefit you in the long run!
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