How I Got Selected in HCL Without Being On The List?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Let me tell you a funny story.

During my HCL interview, I was not even on the list because then I had a score of 51% and HCL had a cut-off of 60%

So, while most of the people who were not on the list just gave up, I simply asked the CRC department that where could I find the Head HR.

And the person gave me the direction. They asked me the purpose of this inquiry I told them that I want to meet her.

They said no you can’t go there, I just stepped inside the room and asked, “Ma’am if you don’t mind, I have a question”.

She said, “Yes Sure”.

“Ma’am I’ve done my graduation from Delhi University, with political science. I’ve scored 51% because it was an arts-related subject and you don’t get scored that high.

So, it’s not fair because I want to be in this company, and I think that I am going to the perfect guy for the job.

I think that this is something you should at least consider me and just for that 9%, you should not let a person go”.

She was like, “Oh, who stopped you?”

I said, “Ma’am it’s just the cut-off”.

She said, “Don’t worry if anybody says anything, this is my name, this is my number you can just ensure that it doesn’t happen.

And BOOM! I was the only guy below 60% in my graduation to sit down for the placements.

That is what sometimes required, all you need to be is a little more daring than the other people, who are just going to be like ‘NO that’s awkward’.

I was just thinking about “What’s the worst that can happen”. They’ll say “No you can’t sit”.

I was anyway not sitting, so what’s the worst that could happen.

And that is what I did, just went there and started speaking.

The same thing happened the second time there I remember. It was a very similar scenario, the package everybody was receiving was 4.75 LPA and I got a 5.1 LPA in my first job.

It was 4.75 I negotiated it to 5.1 and that too in a like HCL where they never negotiate in salaries.

And I’m not joking, try getting a job in HCL and you will understand their HRs are brutal.

But it was one of the great feelings you get because you negotiated a salary, you got a higher package, and everybody will be shocked seeing you coming out of a company like HCL with salary negotiation.

But with a kind of negotiation that I told you about you can negotiate with a big company and for smaller companies, it is even easier. Because there you can directly talk to the founder.

Whereas in HCL you have to talk to a basic level HR manager, then the senior manager, then a higher-level manager and there are at least 10 managers till the main founder.

So, the point is you need to be a little more daring than the other people, plus you should have the practice, self-confidence, and belief in your abilities to achieve something like this.

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