How to become an Advertisement Legend?

Some questions were asked to Srijan and he answered them brilliantly.

Question. How to define a time slot for an ad?

If you are using google I would recommend going for data impartitioning because google is a really optimized platform it has been serving for 18 years I believe.

If you want to do it with Facebook I won't recommend it because facebook is in a learning phase, in terms of data impartioning we tested it a while back but it didn't woked that well.

So, if you are focussing on google, focus on two windows of 4 hours where most of the people are active.

Like for example, 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm. So focus on two windows of four hours when your audience is most active.

And if it is facebook then don't worry because most people think about their budget but facebook would never want your money to go waste.

Facebook is getting smart, so it won't want to waste your budget because it understands that if will waste your budget the whole day then you will not spend it the next day.

So, even if you are running it on facebook run it in a lower budget and rest assured you can go an check the analytics that whome your ad has been shown to and it is most of the time the right audience.

Question. What is the best strategy for instagram and facebook ads to get maximum results?

The one that gives you the result is usually the best strategy.

See, I don't consider any strategy as good trategy, bad strategy or best strategy. Strategy is strategy.

The game is split testing. There is something called as marketing stamina. Just like the old battles, the warrior with low stamina will lose or deplete down.

Similarly, the person or a company that has less marketing stamina will fall down first. Similarly, for finding the right strategy you need to have enough marketing stamina.

You need to have creativity, time, money and enough efforts to split test different funnels because ultimately what works for you might not work for me and vice versa.

And that's why most of the people including me, who teach these programs and all. we have to be very cautious about what we tell people what works because it is not a one size fit all solution and everything becomes custom to your business as per you go.

Let's say you are running a funnel for a year, and now with his insights, his funnel is going to look a lot different than someone who has started a funnel in a different niche at the same time.

So I would say, have a lot of marketing stamina, focus a lot on creating different types of ads.

I made this mistake that I earlier used to do only long-form ads that performed well but it stopped me from running shorter ads. This year we have been testing a lot of story ads with 15sec videos. we have been testing a lot of ads without any phase.

Animation ads, anime ads, and all basically to connect with our audience in a better way.

The point is, out of so many ads that we are testing there is a very high chance that we will find a winner.

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