How to Make an Ideal Resume? | Kshitij Doval

Most of us believe in the idea - the first impression is the last impression. Well, let me tell you guys, this idea is very true in the corporate and working world.

So how do we come up with the IDEAL thing that will create that IMPACT on our employers?

When hiring someone, the first thing most employers look at is your resume. Let us talk about a few ways to come up with a bomb resume that would help you crack your interview and get that job!

Many people don't do this, but it is important to have your photo in your resume. Why is that? Let me tell you. The minute they read your resume and see your photo, they will be able to associate you with your resume. When hiring, companies come across hundreds of resumes.

Maybe even thousands or lakhs depending on the size of the company.

If you want them to remember you and your resume, go to that booth and take a great picture of yourself that you can add to your resume! Doing this helps create a great first impression, and it helps them identify you.

Next, let us talk about design. Design your resume! Glam it up! Okay, not literally, but you get what I’m saying, right?

You need to b able to design it well. You can go on and on about your skillset and experience, but the cherry on top would be a well-designed classy resume. You may have a bomb resume but if your layout and design are lousy, let me tell you, no one would want to hurt their eyes.

Based on the industry you aim at working in, you can play around with colors and come up with something creative. A firm with a formal atmosphere? Come up with something classy and simple. A casual yet well-recognized company like Google?

Use creative ideas to spice up the look of your resume. The way you design and write things about yourself shows a lot about your personality. So work on that!

Talk about the experience you've gained at your previous jobs or internships. Well, this is a given. But most people leave out on the most important thing. DUH.

Talk about the results! Many people have a lot of certificates or degrees however, only a few can do work that would efficiently show results. So when making your resume, make sure you talk about the RESULTS you have got for the places you've worked at.

It'll be even better if you can back it up with a great letter of recommendation or a graphical representation of how you've helped improve the status of a company you worked at before. Show proof of the things you have done.

Many people say stuff in the air when writing resumes and trust me, we employers know that! So make sure you provide well-supported evidence for the tasks you performed in the past.

Now, don't be too modest. You need to create an impact on your employers. Speak well about your skillset. Talk about everything you've done.

It is your resume! Go all out! But make sure you don't sound boastful. Ensure you achieve the right balance between being modest and telling them everything about yourself. Since we're talking about everything, speak a little about your weaknesses.

This shows that you're being honest to yourself and them. It creates a good impression on your employers. They want someone confident and hardworking and honest, someone, who can find the issues themselves and work on improving them.

The final game-changer HACK. Go to various job websites and see the job roles and responsibilities that they expect from you and add them to your resume if they have been part of your job profile in the past.

Customize your resume for the companies you plan on joining. Most people send out a fixed resume for every company they apply to. NO! If you want to get into a top-notch company this won’t work.

As I mentioned in the example above, you should design your resume based on the type of company you are applying to. Research! Research! Research! Ensure you embed the skills the company expects from you. This is sure to make them feel that you're interested and you aren’t just applying for the sake of it.

Take into consideration all these tips and TRUST ME, you will get that job in no time.

Best of luck!

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