How to read an Indecisive Person?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

So this blog is for you if you want to crack what's going in an indecisive person's head.

Let me tell you one thing very clearly, there are a lot of indecisive people around you.

Indecisiveness is the biggest trait of a mediocre person.

So, if you are an Indecisive person and you don't know how to make quick decisions. Well, some people are going to crush you.

So you might as well start learning how to be more decisive, you need to be more confident, you need to be talking to more people, get more experienced, be more skilled around your area and so many other things.

But now let's say you are not Indecisive but you are surrounded by Indecisive people then it could be really difficult for you because the problem is they don't give you any clear cut answer, they will always keep swaying away.

Depending on whatever situation puts them in a more comfortable situation, they will usually choose that option.

And that is not a good way to go about, but this video is not for them, that how do you cope up with that.

This video is for you if you want to know proactively that what decisions are they eventually going to make.

So, if you are an employer who wants to know what is going on in an employee's mind. Do they want to leave the company or do they want to stick around?

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to know about an Indecisive client, do they going to crack that deal or not.

Or for so many reasons like, if you have a friend, maybe you have a girlfriend, maybe you just want to know is this person is going to break up with me or not, or do you want to know this person wants to go out with me or not, or IDK whatever!

If there is an Indecisive person and you want to know what is the end decision they are going to make, much faster.

Here a simple hack!

All you need to understand is that they are going to drop hints, it is not like they are doing this purposefully, it naturally flows through them.

Let's say if I'm talking to an Indecisive person and I ask them, whether they want to go for this plan with all of us or not. He will never tell exactly what is going on in his head, his whole thought process will be buffer around that he 'wants' to go but for a this-this reason, he can't.

So most of the things that they are speaking are actually against the notion, it is like they are just counting things that might stop them from going. They may want to go but eventually, they are going to do whatever they are hinting towards.

So, if there is an Indecisive person and you get an idea that, this person is probably finding too many things for not to do a thing. Get the hint that probably they don't want to do it.

You can even say it out loud, "It's okay if you don't want to do it".

Trust me, almost 80% of the time the reply you will get is "Yeah man I'm so sorry...I can't do it".

They made the decision quickly. You understand, how these things work?

So this is cracking into their head, instead of finding ways to know what's going on, why is he not telling exactly about the plan. CATCH these small hints that they keep dropping all along and it is going to help you out.

Take care Guys!

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