Salary Negotiation - You Deserve that Pay-Cheque!

For all those of you starting a career, salary negotiation can be a tricky task.

There is no right way to analyze what is the right package for you. It all depends on the amount of output you can give the company or the firm. You need to be able to put yourself in the mindframe of the employers. They will be wanting one of the two tasks to be carried out.

1- Someone who can carry out regular and recurring tasks. That's why you land jobs in big companies.

2- Someone innovative who can be a part of the daily happenings of the business.

However, keep in mind that working in big companies will not give you knowledge and experience. Big companies will in most cases teach you processes and systems. Startups, on the other hand, teach you hardcore realities. You’ll be able to learn far more in smaller companies than in bigger companies. However, a small company will not be able to pay you much compared to a bigger firm, although that depends on the growth rate of the company.

If I give you an option between a big company and a small one most of you will select the bigger one.

Mainly because of the BRAND NAME.

Now, when we think about it this way: if both the big companies and small companies offer you a small or mediocre package, you should choose the small company.

Let me tell you why.

This is because your role in the bigger company will be minuscule compared to your role in a smaller one. In a smaller firm, you’ll be more of a team member, not just an employee. You’ll have a comparatively bigger role in the smaller firm and will also get the right recognition with time.

If you're lucky, you’ll also be learning and growing under a great mentor who will help hone your skills and increase your knowledge.

Let us talk about the hiring process now.

Specifically the skill VS commitment scale from the employer's point of view.

There are four parts to this.

If you have a comparatively low skill set, but are more committed, you're a great candidate for a small organization. This is because the company will initially be able to afford hiring you and your high commitment levels will be beneficial for the company. Moreover, with time you’ll be able to grow your skills at the company and eventually you’ll get a raise. In may, cases employees gain a sense of loyalty towards the company and the people they’re working with.

Then we have people that are high on commitment and high in terms of their skill set. Such people usually expect recognition and importance and if you can give them that, then they will be satisfied and perform efficiently.

If people have low commitment levels and low skills, then do not hire them. Unfortunately, about 60% of the people are in this category and they are not able to land good jobs.

Then we have people that have high skills but low commitment. They are toxic people to have in an organization and you should ensure that you don't hire them. In most cases they have a lot of ego, and they may disrupt your work environment. Sometimes they may pull down the commitment levels of other employees as well.

Now, as an employer, we should look for people who either fall in the high commitment-high skill category or high commitment-low skill set category. Eventually, those with high commitment levels and low skills will at one point learn and increase their skill set.

CURIOSITY plays a major role. Look for people that have high levels of curiosity. As employers, we should look for people who can ask important questions and be able to give insights to help the business become better. There will be many people who will answer your questions but there will be only a few who ask you questions. Asking questions shows curiosity. It shows enthusiasm. Keep this in mind when you go for an interview next time. Remember to always ask critical questions.

Keep all these things in mind when you're in an interview and you have my word that you will be given a better package and will be given more value at the company, which will in turn put you in a position to negotiate the package you would like to and deserve to receive!

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