The Story of My Life

Today I’ll be telling you all a little about how my story has been.

What is the story of my life?

I was an average school student, and I wasn’t very good at studies. I always wondered: What’s wrong with me?

When I went to Delhi University, I remember I didn't have many friends and my class attendance was low.

I used to write a lot during that period and play a lot of cricket. I made a comeback once I started my postgraduate. I took part in debates and started my venture.

That’s when I came up with an idea, a venture called 10 minutes where we summarised the whole week's news in just 10 minutes. I remember we had a lot of support for this.

Post that, we came up with an app called UNHU. We wanted to build a community where people could share their ideas.

We thought it was going great and we were really happy.

At the time I did not realize what the taste of success was.

I kept wondering to myself.

While I was doing this, I burnt a lot of money. I had not planned my investments wisely. I made a few mistakes here and there during my time. This is an ideal example of having a great idea but not executing it.

I had zero marketing skills. I failed a lot. This is a crucial stage- when you decide whether you give up or push yourself. I still faced a lot of rejections. I started losing my friends and had issues with my partners.

That's when one of my VCs suggested a strategy. And, the UNHU school of execution was born.

We got a great amount of investment and that pumped me up to another level. I still remember that we made 50,000 sales in the first month.

Just when I thought things were going right, the investor backed out last minute.

I didn't stop. I didn't give up. I decided I’ll still make money from my customers.

I did the best I could and pushed myself to the highest limits.

Everything came crashing down at that point. I had personal issues, work issues, family issues. It was a hard time.

That's when I started watching Dan Loks’ videos. I enrolled in a heavily invested course.

It helped me. I made quite a lot of money. I got a few ideas of my own.

I decided to teach a few courses myself.

I had clients coming up to me. I started my first client at 5000 a month. This kept increasing and went up to 1,00,000 a month.

My specialty lies in events and hospitality. Just when I thought I was doing well the pandemic hit us.

I restarted the UNHU school of execution.

My major focus here was that I would focus on copywriting. I got into this and WOW I got amazing responses.

I conducted a free workshop or two in the beginning and then I gradually increased the price. With time, I started to make a lot of money. A one-hour webinar got me 55,000. Crazy isn't it?

That's when market saturation hit once college reopened.


I had to restart, I had to reflect.

That's when I started a career acceleration program.

This has been my journey.

Can you see how many bumps I hit? Failures are experiences that help you grow. They help you improve. Always look back at your failures and thank them.

Who you are now is what your journey has been.

It is not an easy journey but it is worth it.

This is entrepreneurship. It is a lonely sport. If you're that lone wolf this is perfect for you.


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