What is Meme Marketing? | How it is blazing these days.

Meme Marketing is doing extremely well these days. Have you heard of it? If you haven’t let me just tell you a little bit about it, it is quite simple.

We see a lot of brands acknowledging it and using it for their brand building. I have seen them in companies and have also seen them in personal brands. They do extremely well when it comes to marketing or building a brand.

Memes are comic strips from movies, TV shows, or something like a reaction that makes people laugh. Let me tell you one thing guys, so whenever you are trying to grab people’s attention, it might be a speech or marketing there are just 2 emotions which you have to connect to.

You can’t connect to all of them you have to choose one based on your brand or message you want to convey.

1. Sadness – When you make something so relatable that they feel sad or emotional about it. They feel like they have gone through all this. You must have seen some LIC adds they are fantastically relatable. It triggers our sense of vulnerability.

2. Laughter – Connecting to your funny side or making people laugh. Remember any kind of content whether it is informational should make a person rather cry or laugh, but laughter is even much better because you can consume laughter-based content a lot. It is no secret that whenever we find anything funny, we tend to see it, again and again, to make us laugh more.

I am seeing certain Instagram profiles and brands like Durex, if you check out their ads, you’ll see that their ads are all funny and they know how to do trend jacking, which is hijacking a trend. Now you must have herd hashtag Binod which is going on these days.

There was this Drake meme, I did that recently I remember…

I posted it related to the campaigns I was running about my courses and it gave me a good engagement. The message I wanted to convey to the young people about not wasting their time, instead of funnily learning some skills.

Meme Marketing is blazing and it is not easy, there are very few people who have that creative mindset. But, as many people are making a lot of memes, I advise you marketeers to go fetch out these people because these people have amazing creative minds and they’ll find a way to connect your brand with them.

Go hire them, there are a lot of people out there who make amazing memes. I see a lot of people who just publicize in their social media handles, that is not going to work, it is not something you should do. Why? Because people are not following your social media account because they want to get publicized by your content, they are not following to see ads all the time. That’s not the right approach.

The right approach is to either add some value by information, making the other person feel relatable (make them cry or emotional) but the best is meme marketing.

Not only organically, even by running properly paid ads, what happens is people consume content because they find it hilarious, but they also get to know about new trends, ideas.

It is hilarious and at the same time they cannot stop they will go to your page and stalking one post out of the other, liking and commenting on your content and you can also add them as Instagram highlights and a lot of the other things.

So the major things are meme marketing something that is on fire and my message to all the people who make memes is to start approaching brands and ask them if you want to boost your brand presence I can help by making memes like these, I can do it for the this-this amount.

And for the marketers out there, go and look out for these people because these people are going to make great brand managers in the coming time.

I recently saw somebody’s bio as a meme manager or meme head (I don’t remember exactly). So, give it a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well those pieces of content are delivering results compared to the other ones.

Now you might think that the brand might be taken lightly after that, but that is not true, it will increase the engagement and you have a whole caption below that where you can add a little bit of fun stuff at the beginning, a small hook, CTA in the end and Value in the mid of it.

So, meme marketing is a powerful way if you want to market your brand and connect with people in a way that they never would want to let you go.

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