What is your purpose of life?

People who very strongly believe in science think that 'life has no meaning' and happened to us by mistake.

They think that we are just a mixture of chemicals, muscles, and neurons, nothing more, just like any other creature.

Well, that is okay, maybe we existed like that.

But I believe that the purpose of life in any form, no matter how small or big. It can be an amoeba or an elephant. All of them share a common purpose which is to survive.

In the animal, kingdom survival is very important whether it is from their enemies or hunger.

But we as human beings have already surpassed that stage. We have kinda gotten out of it since long ago.

Which means that our purpose is something bigger. Now we know that we can survive and we are living a good and luxurious life, then what is our purpose in life?

I feel that our prime purpose in life is HAPPINESS. I mean whatever we do, we never do anything that makes us unhappy.

A lot of people say that "I don't want to it but I had to do it".

Dude, nobody forced you, you did it because weirdly you want to do it.

Now a lot of people might believe what I'm saying, but let me just put it this way.

A lot of girls feel, and I'm just stereotyping it, I don't mean it.

A lot of girls are not allowed to do the job after their marriage. Right?

And there is a problem with that.

Many women say that we can't do it. I understand that there is a lot of societal barriers and peer pressure. But that is where they need to be strong.

They can't expect somebody else to be strong for them, they have to take charge of their situation.

That is what I feel is the reason why they are not doing or pursuing their life or career in that direction is that the happiness they are getting out keeping their family happy is more for them than the happiness they'll get if they pursue their career.

My point is people do anything that makes them happy, and they don't dare to do things that make them unhappy.

Now inside happiness, there are several elements, I feel that the purpose of happiness is different for everyone.

For some it is money, for others it is freedom. For some it is power and for the other, it's momentary happiness.

Many people like to get high and have drugs or something, they rely on instant gratification. I don't have any judgments for them, but that's not the best purpose of happiness at least for me.

For some people, it is reuniting with god. They do good deeds in life so that they can reunite with god. It's even better because this way you are not only helping yourself by feeling happy, but also the other people by serving them for good.

I have also realized that you can't say it for sure that this is my purpose of life because honestly today my purpose of life could be something and tomorrow it could be something else.

Just think, today your purpose of life is to make money but now if you are making money, your purpose of life may become something else, like to do some social good.

So every time your purpose could change because I think it is nothing more than a bridge to give you happiness.

There is a saying right that "we live only once", NO " we die only once and live every day".

I very strongly believe that while our purpose of life is happiness. Different things motivate us and give us happiness. I feel momentary happiness is not the right way to live our lives.

But also if you are into momentary happiness, it should not divert you from your goal or your drive.

Always remember, never let others decide the way you want to feel.


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